Technical Information

Cold Saw Blades are designed to cut ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Cold Saw blades are made from M2 HSS steel and M-35 (5% cobalt). Our cold saw blades are heat treated to 64-65 HRc and triple tempered and press quenched to ensure flatness. These blades are specifically suited for use on manual, semi-automatic and fully-automatic cold saws. When cutting ferrous metal, the typical RPM will not exceed 350 SFM conversions. Typical applications include tubes, pipe, extrusions, bars, angle irons, structural shapes, billets, forgings, etc. When ordering please specify the type of material being cut so the correct tooth geometry is furnished for your job. Cold saw blades are listed in millimeters convert millimeters to inches. If you do not see your size, contact us or call us at 614-294-1640 for availability.

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